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We’re happy you’re interested in exploring the option of celebrating your published work here at Page 158 Books! Please fill out the form below to request an event at either or both of our locations. Due to
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Is this title available according to our standard purchase terms? (Page 158 requires at least a 40% discount, free shipping, and that the books be fully returnable.) If your book doesn’t meet our standard purchase terms, we require that a book be carried per industry standard 60/40 consignment (see our website for terms). Once we review your submission, we will talk with you further if consignment seems applicable.
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You want to sell your book, so do we! Help us do that, invite everyone you know and half the people you don't. Seriously though, we will create an event on our website and Facebook and share it with our customers, but it will mean a lot more coming from you - share share share! If you have media contacts, reach out to them ( is very friendly to self-published authors, email them!). If we can do anything to help or provide advice, please ask, but you are your own publisher and publicity department.
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