Pinedale, WY Skijoring Registration 2019
Sunday & Monday, February 17th - 18th
Bloomfield lot, behind the WYDOT Building


Registration at the Wind River Brewing Company, Saturday the 16th from 6-8 pm

*Race begins each day at 10 am*

Rider and Skier Registration Instructions: In order for us to organize the event we request that every participant fills out the following information. The race event will begin with sign in at the Wind River Brewing Company, Saturday the 16th from 6-8 pm. Payment will be due at sign in. The races will be held Sunday & Monday, February 17th - 18th. Race rules limit each horse to two (2) runs per day, a rider may enter a maximum of (2) horses per division. Skiers / boarders each get two runs per day per entry fee, a skier can enter a maximum of twice (resulting in 4 runs per day). While we encourage having a team sign up (1 rider and 1 skier), we are taking registration for individual riders and skiers. We will do our best to match up skiers with a rider. SPACE IS LIMITED, THE ONLY WAY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT IS TO FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM. We will close registration once all spaces have been filled. The quoted entry fee is for the entire weekend.

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Contact Carla with Lazy River Ranch for horse boarding - $20/horse/night - 307-749-3979
A new format is being utilized during the 2019 race season. The 3D format provides for a uniform system which is self-sorting. Competitors do not need to “estimate” their skill level. Performance dictates which “D”, or Division, the finishing time falls within and appropriate points are then awarded, if earned. This is the preferred method for Skijor USA and its member races. Individual races are allowed to run in the old format, if they choose, but courses and penalties must be uniform with the exception of divisions outside of the 3D such as Youth, Legend, etc.

The 3D is meant to be similar to the previous method of Open, Sport and Novice. Like the traditional format, the 3D system identifies separate competitive classes, maintains three levels of competition, but effectively places teams in the proper division according to their race results.

All competitors, regardless of ability, run on the same track. The three divisions are then determined by time brackets. With the 3D format, the OVERALL fastest time of the race is used to set the time brackets for the three divisions. Skijor USA awards points to teams that have nominated themselves IN ALL DIVISIONS on a 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 basis for first place through tenth place, regardless of the number of entries.

1st Division: These are the teams with the fastest times and the cleanest runs.

2nd Division: These are teams who ran ONE (1) SECOND or SLOWER than the OVERALL fastest time and cleanest run.

3rd Division: These are teams who ran TWO (2) SECONDS or SLOWER than the OVERALL fastest time and cleanest run.

Penalties: A minimum of a five (5) second penalty will be assessed per gate and /or jump missed. A two (2) second penalty will be assessed for each missed or dropped ring. Failure to cross the finish line on at least one ski, with rope in hand, will result in a disqualification. Both skis, must cross within the boundary of the finish/timing line. Thus, the 3D system places a premium on clean runs.

Championship Points: Skijor USA awards championship points in accordance with the previously noted basis. Competitors may earn points in any division, based on their finish, as defined by the 3D model. Points will be earned, tracked and posted throughout the season. The final race of the year, West Yellowstone, will determine the champion in each “D”, as determined by accumulation of points during the season, and with the final two days of ONE AND A HALF racing points awarded/added determining National Champions. In the event of a tie for points at the finals, the team with the fastest combined time that weekend will be the winner. This is a true championship playoff format.

By earning SJUSA points at sanctioned events throughout the competition year, teams will have a chance to qualify for the National Championship Finals. The exact number of National Championship Finals qualifiers will be determined by the outcome of competition in each SJUSA region. Competitors that are not mathematically eliminated, meaning they cannot place at the finals even if they were to get first place finishes each day, will vie for the SJUSA National Championship in the 1D, 2D, and 3D divisions. National Championship buckles, provided and sponsored by Tres Rios Silver, will be awarded to the top finishing rider and skier team in each Division. A Tiffany & Company traveling trophy will also be presented to the winning 1D team.

Nomination of Teams: Teams may nominate themselves for National Championship Points. A team is considered a specific horse, rider and skier. A horse/rider combination may pair with two distinct skiers. This would be two teams. Each horse may only be nominated for a maximum of two teams. A rider and skier may participate on a total of four teams, with regard to championship points. For example:

Carol (rider) on “Roanie" (horse) pulling Jonathon (skier) - This is a team.
Carol (rider) on Roanie pulling Judith - This is a team.
Roanie, as a horse, is maxed out for nominating teams with two.
Carol (rider) on “Pepper” (horse) pulling Jonathon (skier) - This is a team.
Carol (rider) on “Pepper” (horse) pulling Judith (skier) - This is a team.
Carol is now maxed out for nominating teams, with four.
Jonathon and Judith are free to participate with two other teams, for a total of four.

Riders are allowed to enter additional horses/teams per the above structure IN A SEPARATE REGION, but those teams can only earn points in that region. No regionally-declared and nominated teams are allowed to crossover regions. Horses must remain in a region, but riders and skiers may register in multiple regions, with a different horse.

If a team withdraws due to injury or other circumstances, no substitutions are allowed. Points are not transferable. Fees are not refundable after payment is received by Skijor USA.

Teams must be nominated PRIOR to any given race within their intended region with the exception of the last race in that region. Payment is due upon nomination. A team may mail in the nomination form along with payment to Skijor USA at 66 Kountz Road, Whitehall, MT 59759. Postmark must be prior to the date of the second to last race of the region. Teams may also nominate for points online and pay by credit/debit card. This is SJUSA’s preferred method of registration. Points will NOT start to accumulate until after teams have either nominated for points and paid online, or after the date of the postmark on a mailed nomination form.

Nomination forms may also be completed at the Member Race registration events no later than at the second to last race in each region. Payment is also due at or before that time.

A $30.00 fee per team is required to nominate for National Championship Points. Payments are payable to “Skijor USA”. Fees will be used to manage administrative costs and fund a National Championship Finals prize pot, along with other sponsorships and revenue sources, to be awarded subsequent to the National Championship Finals race in West Yellowstone, MT on March 9th and 10th, 2019. Team members are also eligible for additional benefits such as product provided by regional and national sponsors and a discounted membership at ETRA, or Extreme Trail Riders Association, which offers many benefits to people in the horse world.

Teams are NOT required to nominate for National Championship Points to participate at individual races or at the National Championship Finals, and remain eligible to earn prize money and/or awards offered by each SJUSA race, including the National Championship Finals. SJUSA does NOT sell memberships to competitors. Races are open to any competitor wishing to enter an SJUSA event. Teams may compete at non-SJUSA or independent races as well.

Championship Points will be awarded each day of each race for teams that nominate themselves. Therefore, if a team travels to a race, but can only participate on one day, providing the individual race allows for this, they can still earn qualifying points on that day. Points will be tracked throughout the year. The TOP FOUR finishes for each team in any division, ONLY within their declared region, will be used for points accumulation, regardless of how many race days a team attends within their declared region. In the event of a tie(s) at the end of the 2019 race season, the regional team which performed better, meaning had a faster time, against the other team(s) in question will be given the first-place status and so on for second, third, fourth, etc.

Alternatively, if a team only attends four days of racing, and earns points during each day, those four days’ points will be used for the Championship Points Calculation. However, teams may freely travel to any regional SJUSA race and be eligible to earn prize money and/or awards offered by each SJUSA race. Points will be tracked by the 3D system. Points can be accumulated in one or more “D”, but points earned within a “D” remain in that “D” and cannot be transferred to a different “D”. Whichever “D” a team earns the most points in, based on their results, will determine which “D” they would compete in at the Skijor USA/Skijor West National Championship Finals.

Skijor USA/Skijor West National Championship Finals: Teams that are not mathematically eliminated are eligible for the Skijor USA/Skijor West National Championship Finals for each of the 3D divisions. The Skijor West race will determine the National Champion for each “D”, with the final points being awarded both days of racing. Team Champions will be declared on Sunday night, March 10th in West Yellowstone, MT.

At the finals, a team must compete at the highest level, according to the accumulation of points. For example, if a team earns more points, or equal points, in the 1D than the 2D during the 2019 race season, it must compete (if it qualifies) in the 1D for the National Championship. In advance of the finals, teams will be notified of the division in which they will be competing for the championship. This will be determined by SJUSA. A formula will be employed based on how each team finished in each preceding race, and the team’s top four placements will be used.

In the finals, for the purposes of awarding points, qualifying teams’ times will be isolated into one of the 3 qualifying divisions. They will “carry” their points forward to the finals. At the finals, and only for these teams, points will be awarded NOT via the 3D format used during the year for the purposes of the Championship, but rather based on the competitor time compared solely to the times of other competitors that qualified in the same division. One and a half points will be awarded. For example, 15 points for 1st place, 13.5 points for 2nd, 12 for 3rd and so on.

In other words, if there are 30 teams that qualify in the 1D, those competitors, for the purposes of finals points, will only be competing/compared to other competitors in that same group. Fastest time each day in that group, but also accounting for penalties, will be awarded 15 points, 2nd 13.5 points, and so on despite whatever time splits there are between these competitors. In addition, the teams will fall into a normal 3D race format to earn prizes and money for that race as part of a broader field of competitors that are NOT vying for a title.

Non-championship contending teams are welcome and encouraged to participate in the National Championship Finals, as it will be run as if it were a normal race for these teams.

There will be a separate payout for the race, per normal, in addition to National Championship Finals awards. Points will not be awarded to non-championship contending teams at this race.

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