Classroom Resources associated with a scientific magazine - what would be most useful to you?

Conservation is a quarterly scientific magazine published by the University of Washington focused on "Creative Ideas for a Greener Future".

We are developing new Classroom Resources, and it would be a huge help to us for you to fill out this THREE QUESTION survey to help us hone our development goals.

Our Classroom Resources are freely AVAILABLE ONLINE at

Please pass this survey on to your fellow educational instructors! Thank you so much for your time!

-Jennifer M.W. Day

*all responses are anonymous and responses will only be used to inform the development of Conservation's free, online educational tools*

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    An emailed weekly "Journal Watch" / "This Week in ______"
    Discussion Questions accompanying a "hot topic" article
    Additional Resources (e.g. primary literature) accompanying a "hot topic" article
    Discussion Questions accompanying an online 15 minute video presentation on a "hot topic"
    Recommended Reading for a broad topic (e.g. climate change) accompaning a "hot topic" article (e.g. flowering versus bird migration timing).
    Discussion Questions accompanying a live speaker/seminar
    Worksheets for activities/assignments (e.g. debate activity, writting assignments, guides for evaluating presentations/articles)
    A quarterly "Profile of an Expert"
    A hard-copy "Educational Packet" including the magazine, class assignments, and tickets to live speaker.
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