Beyond Clean Interview with Dr. Thomas Vanzieleghem
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Quiz Questions
The following questions are based on the podcast interview with Dr. Thomas Vanzieleghem on the subject of "Protein Detection Technology."
True or False: The autoclave will not clean your instruments *
2 points
Which two countries are currently spearheading the debate on how best to determine protein contamination *
2 points
Why are proteins considered the most significant contaminant: *
2 points
True or False: Prions are proteins *
2 points
True or False: There many CSSD/SPD managers who are involved with the debate on best practices regarding protein detection. *
2 points
How should we view the relationship between protein detection and regular washer cycle validation? *
2 points
Who will most likely be responsible to demonstrate the value of adopting more stringent cleaning verification technologies within hospitals? *
2 points
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