2019 YWCA Cambridge Board of Trustees Interest Form
YWCA Cambridge is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

The YWCA Cambridge has served this community since 1891. Throughout our rich history we have been guided by a Board of Trustees who share a passion and commitment to the YWCA Cambridge mission. The Board of Trustees works to advance the mission of the YWCA Cambridge locally and nationally, and works collaboratively with the Executive Director to develop and guide the association through short and long-term planning.

All Board of Trustees members must serve on one or more of the following committees.

1. Finance Committee: reviews the budget and financial statements, and makes recommendations to the Board on issues affecting the financial security and viability of the YWCA Cambridge.

2. Fundraising and Tribute Planning Committee: works with the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director to develop long-term funding opportunities, such as planned giving, that will generate funds over time to support the YWCA Cambridge. Tribute is an annual, signature event of the YWCA Cambridge which serves as a way to honor local women who are fulfilling our mission in their personal or professional lives and as an opportunity to raise funds. The committee actively works with the Executive Director and the Development Manager to ensure the proper planning, organizing, and execution of the event.

3. Governance Committee: appointed by the Chair of the Board, recommends Trustees to fill vacancies and officers for nomination. Also ensures that the governing principles, as stipulated in the By-laws, align with the organizational practices and YWCA USA guidelines. This committee plans orientation of new Trustees and annual Board retreats, conducts Board self-evaluations and reviews and revises the By-laws as needed.

4. Racial Justice Committee: researches, plans, and facilities activities and events that help the YWCA Cambridge fulfill its mission to 'eliminate racism and empower women,' with a special focus on issues of race and justice.
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Women's Rights
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Racial Justice
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