General Orientation Quiz
Please take this quiz after reviewing the General Orientation Presentation
A Special Olympics Athlete is someone who *
Pity and stereotypes are both challenges to inclusion *
Which sentence is an example of the spread effect *
Which sentence is an example of People First Language? *
Washington State is split into areas, each directed by a volunteer *
Special Olympics provides equal sporting opportunity by doing all but what? *
As a volunteer, you are promising to do all but what? *
A Class A Volunteer is... *
The Dignity of Risk is... *
Special Olympics was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968 to *
Athlete Leadership is a concept. By promoting leadership, Special Olympics aims to... (choose the best option) *
Unified sports is a program for people with and without intellectual disabilities. *
_________ provides health services to athletes. *
How many sporting seasons does Special Olympics have? *
Young Athletes is for *
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