Inspiring Minds Volunteer Request Form for the Kindergarten Project
We're glad you checked us out! For the first time, we're opening up this program to all 10 participating schools!

Inspiring Minds is a non-profit education agency founded in 1963 on the East Side of Providence to provide academic support for the children in two segregated elementary schools. Originally named Lippitt Hill Tutorial, the organization grew into a citywide service and, in 1988, became Volunteers in Providence Schools. The more elegant name of Inspiring Minds was adopted in 2008.

Inspiring Minds’ mission is to create successful students by providing them with the appropriate academic and social supports. We support Providence’s public school students by connecting them to well-trained volunteers to develop close connections through which young people discover who they are, gain skills to shape their own lives and learn how to interact and contribute to the world around them.

The Kindergarten Project partners college students with Kindergarten classrooms to bring individualized attention to the Kindergarten students and provides an in-school experience to aspiring teachers and youth development workers. Two college students and one community volunteer are placed in participating Kindergarten classrooms during their literacy period for 2 hours per day, resulting in reduced ratios and personalized learning experiences.

We're going to be honest, there's some work involved in this project, but the rewards are great! Your kindergartners will have personal attention at your learning centers. You'll have three volunteers up to two hours per day for no less than four days per week. That's 12-15 different people per week coming in and out of your classroom. They also have special requests, like completing a disposition form for each of them at the end of their service-learning requirement. Pay special attention to the Teacher Guidelines and Expectations before submitting.
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