Happy Halloween 2 Event
Happy Halloween 2 Event Info & Time Line

Signs and Subscriber to be set out as soon as you receive it

Fees are due when you turn in your application. Please pay the board beside the mailbox marked with the stall you choose.

You will be required to make one exclusive item. Never used before and is not to be used in store or anywhere else until the event is over.
Your Exclusive must be marked 50% off of regular prices. All other items can be marked whatever you want but keep in mind customers love event prices.

You will also be required to provide a 10L Promo item.
Please use the provided 10L promo box to put your PROMO item in.

Please use provided Blogger Box to send to Bloggers. (Rez Blogger System box, add your Provided Blogger box to be sent, click box for menu, choose "SEND B", Leave blogger box out till it say all have been sent.

Your stall will be labeled with your logo please rez in yours only. If you have a gacha it will also have your logo on it. I will also rez extra Gachas for anyone that wants them.

YOUR OWN GACHAS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN OR BY YOUR STALL. If you want a gacha you need to buy the provided ones.

We have 3 Shop sizes available:
Sponsor Shop 500L 50 Prims
Merchant Stall 300L 30 Prims
Designer Cart 150L 15 Prims

Gachas will be 100L at the event but it is recommended you reserve the number you would like.

10/8 set up begins (Watch for LM on or before 5/8, if you don't have it please let me know.)

(Please follow this and be read and set up by then!

10/13 Exclusive images are due

10/14 Place the LM into your Display Board!

10/15 Event Starts

10/31 Event Ends

11/1 Clean Up (if you do not get your items this day they will be sent back.....)

Please put your Contact Name, Store Logo, and Store LM in a NC and drop in the correct box here:

Contact Name (Not display name please):
Your answer
Store Name:
Your answer
Store SLUrl:
Your answer
Who should we send the Group Join to if you aren't in the group already?
Your answer
Please read the rules at the top of page, so that you know what to do after completing this application. Did you read them?
What Size stall would you like?
How many Gachas would you like? 100L each (At time of event set up)
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