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How long have you known your pilgrim?
Your relationship to pilgrim?
Explain in what way your pilgrim is active in the church
Explain how your pilgrim is a leader or potential leader
Have you explained the Walk to Emmaus to your pilgrim and his/her spouse?
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Is this your 1st time sponsoring?
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Are you actively praying for your pilgrim?
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Below is a list of responsibilities expected of a sponsor. Please acknowledge each one by checking the box:
Will you take personal responsibility for your pilgrim's post walk growth (ie: reunions, 4th day groups, working walks, sponsoring)?
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Is your pilgrim under any temporary strain that might have an effect on their weekend?
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If so, please explain
Why do you want this person to attend a Walk to Emmaus?
Emmaus is right for many people, but not for everyone. Some examples of people for whom Emmaus may not be appropriate are: non-Christians and people with no relationship with the church of Jesus Christ; persons undergoing an emotional crisis; Christians whose theology and/or practice is notably different or incompatible with the traditional theology and practice represented by the Walk to Emmaus; "church hoppers" and persons who are always looking for another spiritual "high".  Does your pilgrim meet any of these categories?
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If so, please explain
I have read the CIE Sponsorship Information found on the CIE web page (www.emmausci.org) or Emmaus Sponsorship Handbook and pledge with Christ's help to do my best to meet this responsibility. I have also prayed about this pilgrim and believe that he/she is ready to attend the Walk to Emmaus. *
I understand there is a $25 Application fee for each pilgrim. Check www.emmausci.org for payment options and the latest dates & contacts. *
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