Pandas Soccer Registration 2017
Registration form for junior and senior players looking to play in the 2017 season for Panda Soccer Club.
Any questions or issues regarding the form can be sent to
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Mobile Phone(s) *
Will be used for group texts during the season and as first point of contact for the player. Multiple numbers can be listed
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Email *
A confirmation email will be sent to this address with bank details as well as possible emails from the club throughout the year
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Street, City, Postcode
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Emergency information
Emergency Contact Person
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Emergency Contact Phone Number
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u18 Players Only
Parent/Guardian Name
All u18 players must provide a parent/guardian contact
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Privacy statement
Panda respects the privacy of individuals about whom we collect personal information. The personal information collected is only used for the purposes of processing your registration and used for My Football Club (MFC). We may use your email address for bulk emails from the club and your mobile phone for group texts or direct calls related to the club only. We will not give your details to any third parties other than MFC or where required by law. The privacy conditions for MFC can be found at:
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