Application to Sting (Spring 2019)
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8. Describe your star team (Please provide bios of all founders and tell us about the different roles and skill sets in your startup? How did you get to know each other? How long have you worked together?) *
9. Number of female/male co-founders in your team? *
10. Funding & ownership (Provide a brief outline of the share ownership and – if applicable – money raised (loans, investors, grants) *
11. Market (What specific market segments do you target – geographical, demographical etc?) *
12. Product (Describe the customer needs you address, what approach you have to cater to that need, and what benefits your solution gives to the customer. What is different/unique/new with your business?) *
13. Revenue model (How do you make money?) *
14. Progress/Sales (Describe what you have accomplished so far in terms of customers, users, growth rate, product and/or other achievements you think are relevant. How have you verified a product-market fit (that there really is a demand for your product in the market)? *
15. Launch date (When did /will you launch?) *
16. Competition (With what services/products are you mainly competing? Who are your main competitors? How do you differentiate yourself? *
17. What are your biggest challenges? *
18. Revenues (Monthly revenue today vs three or six months ago) *
19. What skills or resources can you offer your fellow entrepreneurs in the program? *
20. Product images & video/s (add a link to video or images where you describe the most important features of your product.)
21. Video pitch - We appreciate hearing your pitch, that helps us to understand your solution and uniqueness better (max. length 2min.)
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