Youth Services for North Town
Your North Town councillors would like your views on priorities for youth services in North Town.

Youth services are the glue that hold our communities together. We promise to lobby Rushmoor Borough Council and Hampshire County Council to get a fair deal for North Town and urge them to guarantee quality youth services for all of our young people.

We believe that youth services – like youth clubs, youth centres and counselling for young people – are absolutely vital in our communities. The benefits of youth work are real and long-lasting, offering young people safe spaces to explore their identities, develop their interpersonal skills and increase their confidence.

Do you agree or do you think there is sufficient provision already? Please send us your views on this (and any other issues) your voice is our voice and we will speak up in the council chambers and at every level of Government.

From North Town, For North Town.

(If you would like to email your response, contact us at:
North Town: Ivy Fields Recreation Ground
Do you agree that Youth Services should be protected? What should our priorities be in North Town?
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