SECURE REGISTRATION FORM: Complete this form to register for any classes or services. If you are preregistering, notify the reception desk you have already registered when you arrive. We have two classes during the day on Saturdays: 10am and 2pm.The classes are free and start promptly at 10am and 2pm, with space limited to 10 seats per class. Attendance is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration closes when the class starts (either 10a or 2p). Ten (10) minutes after the class begins, we will ask new arrivals to come back for the next class.
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If I have requested a sexual health screening, such a rapid HIV, Syphilis or HCV exam, I just want the express visit service. I do not need a counselor to speak with me about the details on how these infections are transmitted nor do I need the counselor to ask me questions about reducing my risk to certain infections, such as HIV and Syphilis. I realize if I leave this section without circling it, that the counselor may take the recommended time to ask me questions about reducing my risk to infection. (If you are not having a sexual health screen, please leave this area unmarked)

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