Bad and Nasty's 6/14/17 Resistance Holiday Sign Up Form
MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR BAD AND NASTY's NEXT RESISTANCE HOLIDAY! Let's do some Patriot Acts for Flag Day (6/14/17)!

BAD AND NASTY (aka Bad Hombres and Nasty Women) is a loose knit coalition of artists, activists, media makers, theater folk, web geeks, designers, performers, writers, concerned citizens, and [whatever YOU may be that is not in the list above] around the world committed to mobilizing our ongoing resistance and channeling our anger into art and activism.

Bad and Nasty recently sponsored Not My President’s Day, a series of 64 DIY performance events held around the US as well as in the UK, Italy, and the Czech Republic on February 20, 2017. Our resistance took many forms: sign storms, cabarets, public readings of the Constitution and the 19th Amendment, music concerts, drag performances, staged readings, plays, dance concerts, sloughing, rallies, town halls – the list goes on. Check out our Event Map ( for the full picture of the range and scope of our gatherings. View our continually updated Event Archives ( for a retrospective look at just some of February’s Bad and Nasty events.

Our February, 2017 events were so successful, in fact, that Bad and Nasty will continue to support acts of resistance in a multitude of ways. (See or contact for more info.)

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FYI - How we started, an Introduction to our YouTube Channel by Lois Weaver
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