By submitting this form, you are signing up to sing with us in the Coal Creek Community Chorus this fall! Good for you!

The CCCC rehearses on Monday evenings at the Boulder Valley Church of Christ from 6:40-7:50ish starting on August 26 through November 11 (skipping 9/2 for Labor Day). Our performance will be on November 12 at Ascent Community Church.

Upon submission, you will be given a link to pay your participation fee ($175) for the term. Please submit that fee at your earliest convenience to secure your spot in the chorus.

There is a $30 discount if you live with another CCCC or Louisville PopChoir for Kids member (spouse, partner, child, older son/daughter); and a $30 discount for both members who refer BRAND NEW members to the CCCC as well as the brand new recruit ($145 payment option available at checkout for both discounts). To receive either of these discounts, you MUST list your "Same-Roof/Referral Discount" participant's name on the form below, and they must participate throughout the fall term.

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For balance purposes, some singers may be asked to sing a different voice part other than their initial request. If you'd be open to that, what other voice part are you capable of that you would you consider? *
Is there someone in your household (spouse, partner, 18yo child/parent, sibling) that is also in the CCCC this fall, that would qualify you both for a $30 discount? If so, what is their name? (If your answer is no, type "no"). *
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Are you a new member this term joining the CCCC as a direct result of a current member recruiting you [OR] Are you a returning member who recruited someone brand new to the CCCC? If so, what is your recruit/recruitee's name? (This will also qualify you for the $30 discount. If your answer is no, type "no"). *
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