Climate Change Education Initiatives Across Europe - ALLEA Subgroup Survey
The following questionnaire is designed to compile different initiatives addressing Climate Change Education across Europe.

It is possible that projects and initiatives addressing climate change are developed within a broader framework -such as Education for Sustainable Development-, use different terminology or tackle other aspects beyond climate change. As we seek to compile as many initiatives as possible, please do respond to this survey if your project or initiative addresses at least one of the following issues:

- Changing patterns of the climate
- Greenhouse effects and impact on the climate
- Global warming
- The science behind climate change
- Climate change mitigation and adaptation
- Impact reduction of climate change

For any questions regarding this questionnaire please contact the Chair of the ALLEA Sub group on Climate Education: Dr Cliona Murphy from Dublin City University (

Data protection statement: Confidentiality of information provided cannot always be guaranteed by researchers and can only be protected within the limitations of the law - i.e., it is possible for data to be subject to subpoena, freedom of information claim or mandated reporting by some professions

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Country *
Initiatives or programmes developed in the organization on Climate Change Education (CCE)
Complete the following questions FOR EACH initiative on Climate Change Education that you are implementing.
1. Name of the initiative *
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2. Language *
If the language of the initiative was not included on the list above, please specify it in the space below:
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3. Scope of the initiative *
4. Main aim or objective (max .100 words) *
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5. Focus (mark as many as needed) *
6. Educational content offered in the initiative (mark as many as needed) *
If any sort of professional development is included as part of the initiative (either initial teacher education or in-service teacher education programmes), please respond the following questions:
7. Is the professional development a face-to-face, online or blended programme?
8. What is the length of the professional development offered?
9. Is the professional development free of charge for participants?
10. If the professional development initiative is an Initial Teacher Education programme, are the modules on climate change elective or compulsory?
11. If the professional development initiative is an In-service Teacher Education programme, are the modules on climate change elective or compulsory?
12. Brief description of the initiative and the content offered (max 100 words) *
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13. Expected learning outcomes (mark as many as needed) *
14. Age group targeted (mark as many as needed) *
15. Is the initiative related to the curriculum? *
16. Website of the initiative (if relevant)
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17. In your opinion, what ideas or initiatives on climate change education are needed?
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