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1. Striking strategic differences
What were the sharpest or most striking “general” differences (of differences “in principle”) did you find in the assigned readings and videos? In what contexts or circumstances would you follow one or the other principle?
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2. Specific lessons
What were the most striking “specific” or “how to” lessons that you are likely to use in the future?
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3. Most and least effective articles or presentations
Which of the articles or presentations did you find to be most effective in communicating their message? Who were the least effective? (Don’t need to write a paragraph for this question, just list the names)
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4. PowerPoint debate
Which side do you support on the PowerPoint debate and why?
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5. Lessons from Steve Jobs presentations
What lessons did you derive from the Steve Jobs presentations? What general and specific choices (e.g. about content, structure, delivery, visual aids etc) did Steve Jobs make? To what degree do his presentations confirm, extend or challenge the other material you read or saw?
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6. Optional General comments
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