Movimiento Comunitario para Energía Eficiente 社区能源效率运动

Movimiento Comunitario para Energía Eficiente / 社区能源效率运动
Community Energy Efficiency Movement

Our goal is to inform our community on energy conservation/resiliency as well as to gather data on types of appliances used to estimate household energy consumption and possible energy saving.

This data will be used to drive localized initiatives around energy conservation, disaster prevention, preparedness, and general knowledge-sharing on energy resilience. The data gathered helps different energy saving projects at the local and international level and will later inform studies being conducted by partners such as Beyond the Grid, Solar Jíbaro and more.
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Gastos aproximados en utilidades al mes: / Approximate amount paid for utilities monthly: / /您每月的近似付的水电及煤气的费用 *
Cuán viejo es su refrigerador? How old is your refrigerator? 您的冰箱有多少年了 *
Quien es el dueño de su refrigerador? Who owns the refrigerator in your apartment? 谁负责您的冰箱 *
Cuán viejo es su aire acondicionador? How old is your air conditioner? 您的冷气机有多少年了 *
Quien es el dueño de su aire acondicionador? Who owns the air conditioner in your apartment? 谁负责您的冷气机 *
Que tipo de bombilla usa/compra usualmente? What kind of light bulbs do you use? 家里用什么样的灯泡
Alguna vez ha comprado o recibido enseres a través de algún programa público? / Have you ever received or purchased new energy efficiency appliances through an upgrade program? / 您有没有通过一个器具升级计划买过或收过节能电器?
Quiere recibir mas información de esta iniciativa? Would you like to be included in updates, announcements and developments in our Count, Locate, Replace, Recycle Your Old Energy Wasting Appliances campaign? 您是否想收到我们的“计数,定位,替换,回收您的旧能源消耗设备活动”的更新公告和发展?
Le gustaría que lo contactemos para una visita a su domicilio? / Count, Locate, Replace, Recycle Your Old Energy Wasting Appliances campaign, can we contact you? / “计数,定位,替换,回收您的旧能源消耗设备活动”可不可以联系您?
Seleccione la más que le aplica: Check the boxes that apply to you: 选中适用于您的方框 *
Thank you for your input! 非常感谢您的意见
Loisaida Inc.’s project SOMOS (“We are”) Community Energy Efficiency Movement project, in partnership with Beyond the Grid, is funded by the LESReady! 2018 Pass-Through Grant. Thank you!
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