Ängsbacka Volunteer Application Form
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Application process
Your application is very important to us. This is where you choose your working group, tell us about who you are, what you like – and many other things.
Please do your best to provide the requested information honestly. We are seeking clear and concise information to be able to welcome you into our shared experience in the best possible way.

Volunteer fee
The volunteer fee is based on a full-price festival ticket. As a festival volunteer, you will contribute financially (you pay 50% of the festival ticket) and with your time & energy in the form of Working Meditation. The fee covers 3 vegetarian meals + coffee & tea each day, accommodation space, and access to all the festival workshops in your free time!

Team & Payment
With your application you will be preliminary placed in a team. We do our best to assign you to your preferred team. Preference is given to people with previous experience. Since some groups are more popular than others, please make sure that you select one or more second choice(s) as well. Your preliminary team will be sent to you in an email along with information on how to pay for your volunteer ticket. Your payment will confirm your spot as a volunteer.

Make sure to read about the payment and cancellation policy information on our website!

Note that it might take up to two weeks for us to reply to your application!

FACEBOOK: Please join volunteer @ angsbacka on Facebook for the latest updates and announcements!

Thank you, and warmly welcome!

We strongly encourage all applicants (new and old) to visit the volunteer pages on our website to read more about volunteering at Ängsbacka. What is communicated there concerns everyone!

Summer festival volunteering:

General info about the Course Volunteer Program (September - May):

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We encourage everyone to use their working hours as active meditations. We want the time spent in working meditation to be happy and fulfilling.
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If Yes, please give details about which workgroup you have worked in and the year you were here
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Do you want to come as a coordinator? *
Important: If you want to come as a coordinator you must have previous volunteer-experience at Ängsbacka, and preferably previous coordinator experience. Please note that this is a position of responsibility that requires more of you than if you would come as a volunteer. Your main tasks will be to organize the working schedule and to hold space for everyone in the team. To be a coordinator is a wonderful opportunity to become more involved in the running of the festival(s), and to grow personally and as a leader. We are mainly looking for people who can coordinate a team for the full summer.
If yes, please motivate why you want to come as a coordinator.
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