Clarendon County Adult Education Code of Conduct Quiz
Please answer the following questions to show your understanding of the Code of Conduct for Clarendon County Adult Education. Please submit your answers when you are finished!
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Since Adult Education is a voluntary program, due process (the chance to tell your side of the story) is not always required for you to be dismissed from the program. *
Please check the one word or phrase that does not fit with our Program Expectations *
You should always bring _____________ with you to class. *
If you are absent, please contact the Adult Ed classroom office and leave us a voice mail, especially if you are going to be out for multiple days. This is known as "professional courtesy." *
Cell phones may be used in class anytime you feel like it. *
Disruptions/disrespect are not tolerated in class or on campus anywhere. *
There is no dress code in Adult Education. Just be comfortable... *
Please list one or more Adult Ed expectations or rules that you would also find in your workplace or a place of employment. *
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