Is the the Co-creator Community something for me?
We are looking for Doers and anyone who has unresolved ideas and dreams they want to wake to life. Artists, entrepreneurs, youngsters, researchers, writers, etc. who want a little more and act more than they talk about what can not be done.

We are in the process of creating the foundations for the Co-creator Community, a creator space that will allow all types of people to try their self and their ideas.

From the autumn we have access to +200 sqm spread over 2-3 floors right in the middle of Maribo in the heart of Lolland. It is 300 meters from the train station, 350 meters to the Maribos and beautiful nature and 1 km to the highway that leads directly to Copenhagen or Rødbyhavn / Germany.

Co-creator Community are equipped with workshops and desks for artists and entrepreneurs, as well as facilities such as sound studio, 3D printer, etc. to make their lives easier. In addition, another part of the Co-creator Community will be organized with the possibility of public workshops, yoga sessions, exhibitions, small concerts and testing of brand new concepts. But it's all up to you, what would you like to be a part of the Co-creator Community?

By filling in the pre-registration, you will also come to the fore in the queue when we open up and you help us create a cool place that meets the wishes of like-minded Doers.

Thank you very much for your time
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