Hosting Chernobyl Children in your home
Every summer, we fly children from disadvantaged areas of Belarus to Ireland for much needed holidays. These are ordinary children, usually with no specific medical needs other than good wholesome food and lots of fresh air!

The children stay with host families IN ORGANISED GROUPS in various parts of Ireland. Visiting children are placed in pairs with families usually for a period of two or four weeks.

The children’s average age is 10 and the youngest are 7 years old. Weekly activities are organised by our local group committees and translators are available at all times throughout the children’s stay.

To take a child out of a contaminated area even for a few weeks can boost their immune system and generally instil a sense of positivity which can be lacking in many of their lives. Hosting these amazing children can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

The protection and safety of Children is our first priority and every effort will be made to maintain the highest possible standards. Our Child Protection Policy available on request.

Chernobyl Children’s Trust is committed to good practice across all of its programmes and has appropriate procedures and codes of practice in place to achieve this.

ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST UNDERGO VETTING PROCEDURES before participating in any activity under the auspices of Chernobyl Children’s Trust.

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