Jeannie's Fund: iPad Donation Checklist
Thank you so much for your desire to support Jeannie's Fund! Your iPad donation will be used to foster connection between isolated COVID-19 patients and their loved ones. Should you have an iPad you'd like to donate, please ensure you're able to complete the checklist below in order to facilitate the donation to our hospital partners.

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
Is your device a functioning iPad that can accommodate WiFi? *
Have you reset your device to factory settings? FYI - this only takes a few minutes *
For more information on factory reset, please visit this link:
Have you fully wiped down your device with Clorox wipes or similar 70%+ alcohol wipes? *
Have you included a working charger? *
Please include serial number of your iPad below:
To find where the serial number is on your iPad, please visit this link:
Please include your name: *
Please include your email address:
Would you like your name included in a public list of donors?
Clear selection
Next Steps:
Please send your functional iPad to the following address:
Jeannie's Fund c/o Tomaselli Consulting
672 Dogwood Avenue
Suite 125
Franklin Square, NY 11010

We encourage you to pad the package so that it arrives in good shape to be used!
We are so thankful for your kindness and generosity.
All our love,
Liz, Laura and Zina
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