Industrial Problem Solving workshop 2021 - Recruiting Professors
We are looking for professors to participate as team coordinators in the 11th Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop, to be held August 16-27, 2021. The event will be in a hybrid format - virtual and in-person if possible. The responsibilities and expectations of team coordinators are as follows:
- Pre-Workshop: Communicate with the partner, participate in the problem definition, ensure the presence of data and validate the viability of the problem.
- During the workshop: Manage the project in collaboration with a consultant and the partner, lead the research, supervise the team, define and deliver the objectives during the workshop period.
- After the workshop: Coordinate the production of a final report.

A minimum of 60 hours of preparation, coordination, and follow-up is estimated.

The objective is to establish a privileged relationship with the partner, to open a discussion around a financial arrangement that would allow the project to continue, or simply to encourage students and introduce them to collaborative research.

For an idea of previous problems presented, visit the website of the latest edition at:

Interested? Please fill out the short form below before Friday, 20 November.

Note: Filling the form doesn’t necessarily engage you in participating in the workshop just yet, it puts you on the list to be included in the discussions for the next steps!

Thank you very much, and really hope to have you on board!
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