EAquitas Survey - Experiences with School Funding
This survey aims to gather a wide array of experiences from students and faculties, to illustrate the schools' socioeconomic factors that impact student's education—in particular how different resources is distributed to schools with certain needs, and how it affects the quality of education for students.
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What school do you attend, work at or does your child go to? (please provide the full name of the school) *
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Describe the student population (ie. socioeconomic status, language level, special needs).
How rigorous (demanding) is your school's academic curriculum?
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High Rigor
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How well has the school prepared you, your child, your students for the next grade level?
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Does your school provide extra academic support (i.e. tutoring, office hours, test prep)?
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Do you feel your school provides you with enough resources to succeed? Why do you feel that?
How passionate, knowledgeable, or supportive are the teachers at your schools?
At school, do you have access to (check all that apply)?
If your school was funded more money, what do you want your school to spend it on and why?
Describe your school environment (ie. is there bullying, fights, what's the safety like, etc.)
Do you believe that your experience at school is an accurate representation of the neighborhood your school is located in? Explain.
If applicable, compare your experience in a well funded school with your experience in a less wealthy school.
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