East Side Bike/Scooter Share Survey
Earlier this year, Cuyahoga County established a countywide plan to launch bike and scooter share systems. The City of Cleveland collaborated on this effort and recently launched a new program to provide electronic scooters and, eventually, electronic-assist bicycles (e-bikes) for use. These devices are currently distributed in Cleveland for a 6-month pilot period.

The County’s program allows these devices to operate in any community in Cuyahoga County. The cities of Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights, Euclid, and South Euclid are working together with the understanding that establishing a bike and scooter share as a regional system relies heavily on engagement with community residents, business owners, employees, and other stakeholders. This survey will gather initial input on priorities, considerations, and concerns as we start the dialogue on the possibility of having these systems in our communities.
1. What is your age? *
2. Which city do you live or work in? *
3. How would you use a bike/scooter share system? *
4. Where should bikes/scooters be placed to best support your use of the system (i.e. list the ideal places you would start/finish a trip)? If you answered you would not use a bike/scooter share system, can you provide a reason why not?” *
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5. Would your preference be for: *
6. If a system was implemented with both e-bikes and scooters, should it consist of: *
7. If the system provided e-bikes, how important is having a basket (or other cargo option) to help carry items as part of a trip? *
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8. Companies who provide these systems offer "dockless" scooters and bicycles that can be parked in a variety of locations to allow maximum flexibility for riders. When considering parking for a dockless bike/scooter share system, which option would you prefer: *
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Parking controlled to designated, visible locations
Flexible parking anywhere
9. On a trial basis, would you expect and encourage your city to invite the bike/scooter sharing companies operating in Cleveland to also operate throughout your city?
10. Overall, please explain what you feel a bike/scooter share system would provide for your community. Please include any other comments you may have.
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