A ndjete nje TERMET ? Did you feel an EARTHQUAKE ?
Raportoni Ekpsperiencen tuaj / Report Your experience
Sa here keni ndjere nje termet ne te kaluaren ? /How many times have you ever felt an earthquake in the past ? *
Vendndodhja juaj / Your Location *
Pershkruani sakte ku ndodheshit kur e ndjete termetin / Give your location
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Ku ndodheshit ne castin e termetit ? At the time of the earthquake, where were you? *
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Cfare po benit ? / What were you doing? *
Cfare e pershkruan me mire lekundjen / What best describes the shaking *
pershkruani me fjalet tuaja cfare ndjete /Describe the shake
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(Vetem per termetet gjate nates) A ju zgjoi termeti? / (Only for earthquakes that happened at night) Did the earthquake wake you up?
Ishte e veshtire te ngriheshit ose te ecnit ? / Was it difficult to stand or walk?
Aty ku ndodheshit ju a vrapoi njeri jashte ne panik ? / /Where you were, did anybody run outdoors in panic? *
Po kafshet u frikesuan ? / Were animals nearby frightened? *
A ndodhi dicka e tille ? / Did any of the following things happen? *
Kishte deme ne ndertesa, rruge etj? / Was there any damage to building(s) at your location (house, street)?
Keni komente te tjera te vlefshme? / Have you any other comments about the effects of the earthquake that might be useful? *
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