Eunetips survey on environmental cleaning (EC)
This survey refers to cleaning as a process which intends to remove foreign material (e.g. dust, soil, blood, secretions, excretions and micro-organisms) from a surface or an object through the use of water, detergent and mechanical action/friction.

The survey focuses only on medical units and areas where clinical activities are performed.

The Survey will be open until Sunday 15 April 2018
Society: *
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Has your society published or promoted official cleaning guidelines in healthcare settings?
If Yes, please specify year of last update:
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If Yes, please specify institution internet link to the file:
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Do you use a risk level classification to define low, medium and high risk areas?
If Yes: how many levels do you use?
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Who are in charge of performing patient room cleaning most of the time?
Do nurses carry responsibility for cleaning of patient equipment?
Is there a partnership working between nursing staff and cleaning professionals?
What are for you the two main expectations of this partnership?
Who could be in charge of managing the cleaning staff?
Are targeted courses organized for cleaners training?
Do you regularly assess the conformity of cleaning standards?
If yes, which methods are used?
Which environment control methods do you use?
Is the IC team advice sought when additional cleaning or decontamination activity is identified as necessary (e.g after outbreaks or specific microorganisms)?
Do you perform the floor cleaning process in two steps while firstly remove the dust and dirt before using the cleaning product?
Which of these floor cleaning methods do you recommend?
Which of these cleaning products do you recommend for the floor?
combined detergent-disinfectant
water only with microfibre
In routine use
During an outbreak or a special infectious envent
What do you use for cleaning other surfaces?
What are, for you, the main two concerns in term of occupational safety for cleaning staff?
What are, for you, the two main priorities in term of sustainable development integration in cleaning activities?
What are, for you, the main two barriers for effectively implementing environmental ceaning procedures?
When external companies are in charge of cleaning do settings implement contract specifications?
If you do so, what does it include most of the time?
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