MBA Blind Love Round 12
Deadline: SUNDAY 7/5 at 6pm!!

We will send you your matches the following monday (7/6).
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***NEW #BlackLivesMatter INITIATIVE***
In solidarity with our black peers, we are running a new initiative to foster open dialogue and exploration of racial identity. Please indicate your interest and we will match you 1-on-1 or in group discussions. For more information, please see:
Please share your business SCHOOL email ending with ".edu". This is to ensure the integrity of the platform. All emails will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with participants. Please make sure there are no typos in the spelling! *
Please provide an ANONYMOUS email that does not trace back to you (e.g. does not include your name). Note that you will use this email to communicate with your matches so please ensure there are no errors! If you need to create a new email: *
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Would you like to sign up for the new #BlackLivesMatter Discussion? Note: If you already signed up for this initiative, you do not have to signup again, unless you want to be matched with a new group. *
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