Integrated Skills Program 2
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L4T2G - Learning more about a mystery
In this lesson, you're going to learn more about the mystery of ghosts.
Task One: What do you remember about the mystery? Answer the quiz questions.
1. Which country in the world is believed to have the most ghosts?
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2. What word do we use to describe a building where there are ghosts?
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3. Do most scientists believe that ghosts are real?
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4. What do we call people who look for evidence of ghosts?
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5. What can we say about a lot of ghost videos and photos?
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Task Two: Click on the link. Watch the video about today's mystery.
Task Three: Watch the video and practise saying the words.
Task Four: Write the words under the pictures.
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Task Five: Read the text about the mystery and choose the best answers to the questions.
There have been a number of cases where people claim to have seen ghosts on CCTV clips. In May 2016, the CCTV cameras in the 130-year-old Hopkins Antique and Art center in Nottingham UK were being reviewed by shop owner Linwood Gates. During the procedure he spotted something unusual on one of the camera’s monitor. He replayed the tape to double-check and make sure it wasn't someone in the shop and was surprised to see the apparition of a white object in the rails of the vintage clothing.
1. What did the apparition in the antiques shop walk through?
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The White Lion Pub in Hampshire, UK has long had a reputation for being haunted with the managers claiming they can feel the presence of a ghost. In October 2015 the apparition workers have been talking about for years was finally caught on CCTV. It was only spotted after the fire alarm was sounded for no reason. The manager, Andy, checked the cameras to look for an intruder. That was when he saw an apparition at the top of the stairs that leads into the ladies restroom.
2. Which room was the apparition seen near?
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Another spooky CCTV clip was taken at Puckett’s Auto Storage. A car wreckers in Oklahoma is not the sort of place you'd expect paranormal activity. However, cameras spotted what looked like a possible intruder. Two guards went to check the area but no one was there. After looking back over the footage a figure can clearly be seen walking around the cars.
3. How many people went out to see if there was an intruder in the car park?
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Ever since the 2011 earthquake, Japanese taxi drivers have frequently encountered ghost passengers, especially in the town of Ishionmaki, which was hit by a tsunami that killed six thousand people. It is interesting to note that seeing apparitions is a known side effect of post-traumatic stress disorder. After the devastation caused by the earthquake and resulting tsunami, this could be the reason so many cab drivers claim they had ghosts in their cars.
4. How many people died in the tsunami is Ishionmaki, Japan?
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In one clip from Japan, a woman is seen opening the door to a taxi. Then, as the driver looks round, she disappears. Mental stress cannot be blamed for this which raises the possibility that the clip itself may have been faked or edited to show the apparition.
5. What happens to the woman in the video clip who opens the taxi door?
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Task Six: Sam is asking Jennifer about the mystery. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
Sam: Which country do people say has the most ghosts?
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Sam: What do most scientists say about ghosts?
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Sam: Do you know anyone who has seen a ghost?
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Sam: Do you believe in ghosts?
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Sam: Why do you believe that?
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Task Seven: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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