Bella's Animal Rescue Adoption Application
Thank you for being interested in one of our pups! We are an independent rescue currently pursuing non-profit status to be able to help even more pups!
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Are any of your family members allergic to animals? *
Are there any situations where you might return your adopted dog/puppy? If so, what are they? *
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When you are not home (working, shopping, etc.), where will the dog be kept? *
What will you do with the dog/puppy when you travel? *
If you move, what will you do with the dog/puppy? *
Are you aware of the average cost per year of owning a dog/puppy? Are you able to provide for your dog in this manner? *
Are you aware of the non-refundable adoption fee ranging from $400 to $600 to cover the costs of the puppy/dog's vaccinations up to date of adoption, deworming, microchipping, general check-up, etc.? Please DO NOT fill out an adoption application unless you are willing to pay the adoption fee. We are an independent rescue, and we do not negotiate adoption fees. *
All of this information provided on this application is, to the best of your knowledge, true and complete. I understand that falsifying answers on the application will disqualify applicants from adopting (Initial here) *
Are you willing to send a video of your home where the dog/puppy will be staying? This includes the backyard, living room, and common areas. *
Bella's Animal Rescue places our adoptees in permanent and caring homes. The potential adopters must take responsibility of their dog/puppy and make accommodations to care for it. All future life changes must be considered before adopting. Some of our dogs have experienced neglect and abuse, and potential adopters must be willing to hire personal dog trainers if necessary. Medical emergencies may arise as well, and potential adopters must be equipped to handle them. Are you willing to do all this and devote the time necessary to owning a dog? *
If for some reason you are unable to continue providing a home for your puppy/dog, you must agree to contact Bella's Animal Rescue immediately and return the puppy/dog to us. Will you do this? *
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