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This form is for directors of national and international pageants, that are based in the UK, to submit their system to be featured on the Pageant Land website. This feature is free of charge and must be completed by the systems director or a member of the office team only and is not to be completed by a queen or contestant.

Pageant Land is a not for profit brand to help grow the UK pageant industry. We run on volunteers with limited office hours, therefore please complete the information in full sentences, how you would like prospective contestants to see the answers and ready to be copy and pasted.

Please visit our website to see the format and space we provide before completing this form.

Internationals must be in their 3rd year to be included. Nationals with an international can be on their first year as long as the International is in their 3rd. Nationals without an International must be in their second year, i.e. must have held one in-person competition so far.
What is your systems full name? *
Email *
Is this a national or international system? *
Please state the country of the Internationals (if applicable).
Directors Name *
What year was system founded? If you are a national please state the national and international start dates. *
A couple of lines to sum up your system.. *
List all the category titles with ages and additional criteria (such an unmarried, can have children etc) *
List all the required rounds? *
List the additional rounds and awards (not included above, i.e. if evening gown is included above you do not need to state there is an evening gown award.) *
What month and city/country do finals usually take place? (Ignore lockdown) *
What charity does the pageant support? *
Are there any contracted requirements of title holders? e.g. travelling to Internationals, minimum appearances, host an event etc. *
General or Past prize package outline. If it's a past example please state this. We will clearly state online for contestants to confirm all details before signing up. *
Provide a good-sized paragrapher to promote your system describing anything special about your system, why contestants should choose to compete for your title, anything extra you would like to share, that hasn't been included above or below. *
Website? (If you don't have one you can put an email or write none.) *
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