Smith-Project Coach Fellowship Application 2020
Project Coach teams the Smith College community, Springfield educators, and Baystate Health professionals with Springfield youth in a sports-based, after-school program that seeks to level the playing field for children facing economic or educational disparities.

Smith College-PC Fellows receive a tuition-free Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree from Smith in one year (June 25, 2020 - June 25, 2021) or an MS in Exercise and Sport Studies in two years by attending Smith College classes while working 12 hours/week as an assistant in Project Coach, our nationally-recognized teen leadership program and primary level after-school program for children in economically underserved communities. Thank you for considering our fellowship, a truly singular experience for those with the desire to work at the intersection of education, youth development, and community change.

To be considered for the Smith MAT-PC Fellowship you MUST FIRST be accepted by Smith Graduate Studies and the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. Please go here for information on the MAT application process:

Fellowship requirements:

• Student teaching (MAT) or classes (ESS) in the mornings (8am-1pm)
• Classes or student teaching in the afternoon
• Project Coach Academy, or after-school programming (3-7 pm, 4 days a week)
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Are you applying for the MAT or ESS graduation program at Smith College? NOTE: You must apply to Smith College Graduate Studies to be considered for the Smith-PC Fellowship. Contact Ruth Morgan ( for information on Graduate Studies Application. *
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Please submit a 750-word essay that answers this question: How have co-curricular experiences (sports, arts, theater, community service and/or other activities) inspired you as a learner? What did you learn in your co-curricular experiences that contributed to your ability to succeed as a student, snd reach your personal and academic goals? *
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