WPFC Leadership Nomination
Fill out the following information for the person being nominated for a Leadership Position with the Washington Prescribed Fire Council . You may self-nominate.

If nominee is not already on the Washington Prescribed Fire Council Steering Committee, being nominated for a Officer Leadership Position will automatically initiate that process.

More information about the Council can be found on our website here: http://waprescribedfire.org/

Position Descriptions
The Washington Prescribed Fire Council is organized, led, and guided by our Steering Committee and Officers. Council Officer positions are one-year terms that begin in January. We will be accepting nominations for these positions starting June 21st through July 31, 2018. Officers will be selected at the fall Steering Committee meeting and Officer’s terms will begin January 1st, 2019. The term limit is three consecutive years.

Officer Leadership Positions and Responsibilities:

The Chair of the Council is responsible for setting agendas for Steering Committee and general participant meetings, running said meetings, and communicating with working groups, partners, policymakers and other like councils in the interim between meetings.

The Vice Chair is responsible for assisting the Chair in Council meetings and operations, communicating with partners, leading the Council in the Chair’s absence, and working on priority actions with the Administrative Coordinator.

The Secretary shall see that the minutes of each meeting are filed and that a copy is provided to each representative soon after the meeting.

The Treasurer tracks and manages funds deposited with the Council fiscal manager, pays funds out on the order of the Chair, and reports on the budget annually and when requested.

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