Application for New Teams: Masumoto Adopt-A-Tree 2019
This application form is for new teams (a "new team" is a team whose majority of members have not participated in Adopt-A-Tree before). We welcome new applicants! Before you fill out this application, we hope you've read the information on our website about the "Adopt-A-Tree" to get a deeper understanding about the program and its requirements.
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Team Name *
Choose a team name to represent you (this will be the name used to find your tree, all team members should know the name). (We also welcome puns.)
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Team Leader's Name *
The Team Leader serves as the main contact person for all adopt-a-tree related issues and questions during the course of the program.
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Please type your team members' names, separated by commas. (Reminder: you can build your team however you desire, but we ask that a maximum of 6 people attend each harvest date. You can have different team members come on each harvest date.) *
Example: Mas Masumoto, Nikiko Masumoto
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Please type your team members' e-mails, separated by commas *
We collect these e-mails so that we can send out important e-mail updates throughout the year outlining what's happening on the farm and when we get close to harvest time, how to find us, what to bring, etc. It is ESSENTIAL that all team members read e-mail updates. Enter your team members' e-mail addresses here, separated by commas. Example:,
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What inspires you to adopt-a-tree at the Masumoto Family Farm? What curiosities do you have about the experience? *
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We intentionally use the metaphor of "adoption." What kind of "adoption family" will your team be? How will you welcome the fruit into your lives? What will your team do with around 300 pounds of organic stone fruit? *
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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