The Big Green Conversation - Survey
Tell us what kind of city you want to live in.

As part of the delivery of its ambitious 25-year Environment Plan to create an improved natural environment and to 'be the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it' the Government has designated 2019 as the Year of Green Action (YOGA). The aim is to generate interest in green action, to create momentum, and to inspire more people from all backgrounds to take actions that improve the natural world.

Birmingham is undergoing major transformation with major developments that shape the city for generations to come. Each could significantly improve or worsen the natural environment in Birmingham, impacting the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives and works here. At present the citizen's voice is absent from planning for these developments.

The Greener Birmingham Coalition has positively engaged with city planners to begin discussions to incorporate green space and environmental considerations into the designs of these developments but we want to make sure this process is inclusive of all communities and citizens in Birmingham. Greener Birmingham plans for 2019 to be the year when citizens voices are heard.

Please tell us 'what kind of city you want to live in' and help us to create a People's Charter for the Environment during the Year of Green Action 2019.

1. Is it important to you that your neighbourhood is environmentally friendly and is considered to be 'green'?
2. Why?
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3. In your opinion, how important is it that Birmingham City Council addresses the following over the next 5 years? *
Not at all important
Not very important
Not sure
Very important
Build a central park in Birmingham
Plan for nature by making the majority of the city green and connected through green and blue infrastructure (rivers, trees, canals, hedges, green roofs etc)
Give priority in the city centre to pedestrians and cyclists
Introducing a new required building code for all developments with high standards for biodiversity and sustainability
Ban single use plastics
Commit to become carbon neutral by 2030
Prioritise the environment is all decision making
Be a regional and national leader on environmental issues
4. Other than those listed above, what else do you feel Birmingham City Council should look to deliver and achieve over the next 5 years? In your words.
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5. In your opinion, what should businesses across Birmingham be doing to help protect the environment? If you select 'Other' as part of your response please go to Question 6, if not then proceed to Question 7.
6. If you selected 'Other', please state your comments in the space below
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7. Which of the following will you personally make a commitment to do or perhaps have already committed to doing? (Tick all that apply) If you have selected 'Other' as part of your response please go to Question 8, if not then proceed to Question 9.
8. If you selected 'Other', please state your comments in the space below
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9. Can Greener Birmingham contact you about our campaign for a greener city?
10. Please provide your contact details below (name and email address)
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11. Is there anything else that you would like to add in addition to the answers you have provided above?
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