Generation Imagination Applications
Generation Imagination plans to influence, inspire and inform teenagers to break expectation stereo-typically placed on this generation and make a tangible impact in their society, through the use of media and social media platforms.


1) Influence change: The main goal for Generation Imagination is to influence change within the teenage community across the globe. In these times, there is so much pain and confusion within society. Generation Imagination vision is to influence and inspire teenagers to impact, help or better the ideals in society today. Teenagers can do so much more in communities and society, but they need some help getting started. We will be that push, that will start a avalanche of change. We want to start of movement of teenagers who want to be different, help the community, and be the change that our society needs, and be our nation's future leaders.

2) Showcase Change: We acknowledge that be different can be lonely, and sometimes it feels like you are trying to empty the ocean using a cup. We want to showcase teenagers who are being the change in society. This will show others that others are doing the same thing, and can inspire more teens to do the same.


A)Materials and Curriculum Team (MCT):
This team will be responsible for producing the handouts, topics of discussion, and all materials that will be used in videos, posts or on the website. All materials created will be approved by designated directors. This team will also be responsible for partnering with the YouTube Team to discuss the topic of each video.
B) YouTube Team:
This team will produce weekly videos based on the theme of topics for that week determined by the MCT team. The main weekly video will be formatted like a ted talk, with 2-3 Hosts. It will give a summary of the past week's events in politics and society and present. Showcase a teenager that has helped change society. And discuss how we can better break expectations. It will also present a weekly inspirational question. Script will be approved by designated directors. Other videos will be produced showcasing teenagers more in detail and ones that specifically discuss topics or ideas such as “12 ways to be prepared for the new school year” or entertaining videos such as “ High-school in a nutshell”.
C) Instagram and Twitter Team:
This team will create the content that will be posted weekly. There will be a weekly inspirational question posted, that will be the same as the one presented in the main YouTube video. As well as a weekly quote, this team will be responsible for keeping up with society, responding to topics that took place, and advertising Huggable Happiness accomplishments.


If you feel interested in becoming a part of Huggable Happiness Corp, and Generation Imagination. Please fill out the form below and a director will contact you at their next convenience. Thank you!

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