Interfaith Sunday Service Survey

Please complete this survey several days in advance of the service IDEALLY. We'll be creating the list of participants and would love to have a sense of how many seats we need and if we can accomodate everyone. Thank you!
Email address *
On a scale of 1-5, How open/respectful are you towards those who have different religious practices and/or beliefs? *
I'm not really open to religious/spiritual practices/beliefs that differ from my own.
I am totally accepting of others religion and spirituality.
How excited are you about the idea of combining "spiritual questing" and "service to the greater good" as a way to build community? *
I'm not interested
Woo-hoo! Sign me up!
Are you inspired to participate in a community oriented service project? If so, do you have anything particular in mind? *
Do you want to volunteer to support our Interfaith Center? If so, in what ways could you offer service? (Providing snacks, helping with setup, assisting with children's program, donating funds, taking responsibility for an area, etc) *
Do you want to strengthen your sense of meaningful connection to your non-material sources of nourishment/inspiration? *
If so, are there any particular realms with which your would like to strengthen your connection ? (Check all that apply) *
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