WeissLabs Spring 2019 Cohort Application

WeissLabs is Penn's student run startup accelerator. This application is for students with a startup idea who are interested in joining WeissLabs' Spring 2019 cohort. If accepted, participants in the cohort must attend a ten week crash course on learning how to start a startup. Before applying, please make sure that you (and your team) recognize this commitment. In return, we hope to provide you with an incredible community, unparalleled access to entrepreneurial resources and an enriching learning experience. If this sounds right for you, apply here for the Spring 2019 WeissLabs Cohort! We're excited to read about your idea.

If we like your idea, we'll contact you to schedule with an interview. If we think you still have some work to do to prepare for joining our accelerator program, we'll respond will a brief email explaining why. If you don't have a startup idea, but you're interested in entrepreneurship, please consider joining WeissLabs club as a member. You can find the application on our website, https://weisslabs.weisstech.upenn.edu/.

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Imagine you walk into an elevator with Barbara Corcoran (think Shark Tank). You have 90 seconds -- in this case 200 words -- to identify the problem your solving and explain your startup idea. What would you say? *
Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you're making (200 words or less)?
Are you generating revenue? *
Who are your competitors (a list is fine)?
Have you incorporated, or formed any legal entity yet?
How can WeissLabs help you move forward (100 words or less)?
Tell us something interesting about anything!
I understand that, if accepted, I am agreeing to commit two hours a week to WeissLabs for the duration of the Spring Cohort curriculum. These hours consist of (i) a fireside chat on the essential aspects of running a startup (ii) a weekly meeting with your assigned mentors. *
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