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BV TOC Accreditation Policy
B Grade (Association Intermediate):
To be accredited to B Grade, a referee must:
• Have no less than six (6) months experience as an accredited C Grade referee.
• Have officiated senior basketball / older age junior basketball.
• Have satisfied the assessing Referee Coach, after reviewing the performance of the referee, with the
following criteria:
o The Referee has displayed obvious improvement since being accredited at C Grade;
o The Referee has fulfilled the obligations in relation to duties, as required by the local association, including maintaining appointments, being punctual and displaying appropriate conduct and wearing correct uniform.
• If a Referee Coach does not promote a C Grade referee within twelve (12) months of grading to B Grade the Referee should be advised of the areas to improve on, and a program agreed upon to enable the Referee to achieve the level of performance required by the Referee Coach. This program should be documented and the referee's progress reviewed within the following six (6) months.
• If after this six (6) month period the Referee Coach is not satisfied that the Referee has achieved the required standard, the matter may be referred to the appropriate BV Referee Development Officer (Country / Metropolitan).
Accreditation may be granted, (in accordance with TOC Domestic Referee Competencies) by a Grade 2 or higher Referee Coach appointed by the local affiliated basketball association, or a or a TOD-appointed accredited Referee Coach.
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