2017-2018 Student Needs Assessment Buckhorn Middle School
Please read each statement and mark the most appropriate answer for you. Please be honest with your response. This survey is confidental and will only be viewed by your school counselor. This survey will help the school counseling department develop programs and activities to better meet the needs of the student body.
Grade *
I have difficulty controlling my anger. *
Someone that I love has died. This is very difficulty for me to deal with. *
Someone is bullying me. *
I feel sad or depressed most of the time. *
I do not feel safe at this school. *
I have a hard time standing up for myself. *
I am absent from school a lot. *
I would like to speak to a counselor about a serious personal problem. *
If you would like to speak to a counselor, please submit your name.
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Please look at the following list of concerns. Check areas YOUR CLASSMATES need help with. *
Please look at the following list of concerns. Check areas YOU need help with. *
I understand why I take the STAR/Scantron Assessment. *
I understand why I need a good education. *
I will stay in school until I graduate high school. *
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