Covid -19 Procedures and Guidelines
Please review the following school year guidelines:
1. Children over the age of 2 may bring a mask, it will be encouraged to wear, but not mandatory as per state guidelines.

2. Parents must wear a mask when in Gan Aviv entrance hallway.

3. Parents will check symptoms of illness of their child and themselves before coming to Gan Aviv each day.

4. If an immediate family member or the child is feeling ill, the child will stay home.

5. Parents will communicate with Gan Aviv any signs of new illness in their immediate family.

6. If a child becomes sick while at Gan Aviv, he/she must be picked up within an hour. The child will be isolated from the rest of the group in a separate room.

7. Any child that is sent home due to fever/illness is not allowed to return to Gan Aviv for a minimum of 24 hours and must have a doctor note with a diagnosis in order to be able to return.

8. If COVID-19 is suspected for the child or any family member they must stay home. Next, they must follow the advice of their doctor and with their local health department. Only with proper paperwork and (if needed) a negative COVID -19 test result, will the child be allowed to return.

9. Gan Aviv will not give any type of fever reducing medication.

**Violation of these procedures may result in expulsion**

Parent Drop-Off/Pick Up
1. Ideally, the same parent or designated person should drop off and pick up every day.

2. To limit contact with other families: please do not congregate in the hallway or front door. If you see another family dropping off/picking up, please wait in your car or keep socially distant until the area is clear. For pick up only, parents can call the school 201-384-6111 and a staff member will bring the child to your car.

3. Every morning when entering Gan Aviv:
A. Wash hands in the entrance bathroom
B. Bring your child to the office window for screening. Any child with a fever of 99.5 and above will not be allowed to enter Gan Aviv.

4. Parents are to remain in the entrance hallway only. Parents/visitors/grandparents/babysitters are not allowed to enter past the front hallway door.
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