2018 MN Thespian Conference
The MN State Thespian Conference is right around the corner! Preregistration is needed!

EHS Thespians will be attending the 10th Annual MN Chapter Conference of the International Thespian Society at Chanhassen and another location this year.

We need to get all registrations in by Jan 18th. Registration is on this form. Do NOT register at the Minnesota Thespians website!

Just what is a MN Thespian Chapter Conference and what will happen to me if I go there?
The MN Thespian Chapter Conference is a gathering of high school students from across Minnesota where
participants watch, do and learn. Our primary purpose is to help foster a statewide community of students who are
being prepared for their journey into theater...whether as a patron, performer, producer, administrator or
technician. Here's what your two-day conference experience will look like...

Day One: Arriving at Chanhassen High School on Sunday, February 18th, you'll get your Conference Registration
Packet, filled with interesting information about the conference. We'll all gather in the gym and have a short
welcome and then the day’s events will begin. You'll be able to participate in workshops, participate in the
Tech-a-Thon, and hang out and meet folks. You'll emote, run, hide, sing, gesture, listen, and otherwise express
yourself in interesting ways in a series of workshops. Later that day we will have some pizza and probably a dance or a mixer.

Day Two: The next morning, you'll bus over to a location to be determined to start your day of one acts, workshops,
performances, socializing, and generally enjoying the experience of being at Conference. After a short opening
meeting in the gymnasium, you are free to seek out and enjoy the activities that you like best. If you want to do any
of the performances or auditions, you'll want to sign up when you register. Here are some of the things you might
do...Around 3:00pm, we'll all move into the theater to watch the 2018 MN All-State Show "Almost, Maine", which is being performed by students from several schools. After the show, we'll have a short talkback. Then, around 6:00pm you'll leave with your school. If you are from greater Minnesota, you may be staying at a hotel or with host Thespians. If you're local, you're probably going home!

● Workshops : Learn great stuff in a workshop. There will be a wide range of workshops for performance and
production. Workshops are located in classrooms and throughout the schools, and the workshops are led by
professional teaching artists and educators from around the state.
● NIES Performances : Watch (or perform) monologues, songs or costume design presentations. Throughout the day,
students will be participating in the National Individual Events Showcase program. In this program, students can
prepare presentations in a wide range of categories, which they then present to a panel of judges for feedback. Other
students can watch the sessions and cheer on students from lots of different schools. Spend an hour watching amazing
duet musical numbers, monologues, or other categories of NIES performances.
● Freestyle Performances - Schools will be performing thirty minute freestyle performances in the Chanhassen High
School Black Box Theater!
● Take A Break and Eat With New Friends: We provide a great box lunch, and there are snacks and beverages
available at the concession stands all day!
● College Scholarships: Present an audition piece and you may be selected to win one of several $1,000 college
scholarships. Available for any students graduating with the class of 2018.
● Discover New Colleges: Meet with college reps at their tables, or present an informal college audition. It's a great
way for Juniors to start that college search.

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Registration Form
Please fill out the form below and drop your $ 80- ($70 if you are an inducted Thespian) check in the Thespian mailbox in the EHS Main office. Make check to EHS Thespian Club.
If you are registering for only 1 day please indicate that by making your check for the $40 one day conference fee.
If you are participating in The NIES showcase please add an additional $5.
All registrations include a t-shirt and lunch and dinner the first day, and lunch the second day.
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Will you do a scholarship audition or a college audition? *
Only graduating seniors class of 2018 are eligible for scholarship auditions. However, both Juniors and Seniors may prepare an audition for the many local colleges there.
National Individual Events
Please enter the event you will be participating in: monologue, duet acting, solo/duet/group musical theatre, mime, costume, publicity, and scenic design. Please add $5 to your check if you are participating in this.
If you are participating in duet acting, duet or group musical: list your partner(s):
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Tech a Thon Participation *
Will you participate in the Tech Challenge? The Tech Challenge will be on Sunday at Chanhassen. Mr. Matthes really wants Edina to field a team so techies step up! Edina still holds a few of the state records, but we haven’t had a team in a couple of years. Even if you are not a techie, but still want to be on the team it is fun and you will learn a lot and learn to appreciate a new perspective of theatre.
Conference T-Shirt Size *
More information
Go to the following website for information only, regarding scholarship application and scholarship audition rules, NIES rules, and any other information that you need: www.mnthespians.org Remember, we want you to register with us.
Other information
Please fill out the other questions below
Will you attend Sunday Feb 18th from 9:30am to 9:30pm at Chanhassen High School? *
reminder: this is Presidents Weekend
Will you ride the bus from EHS leaving at 9:15am to Chanhassen HS Sunday Feb 18th? *
Will you ride the bus HOME from Chanhassen High School to EHS (returning at 10:00pm) *
Will you plan to arrive at Chanhassen High School on Sunday Feb 18th late or leave early?
Please list your arrival and departure times below
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Will you attend Monday, Feb19th from 8am - 6pm at Location TBD *
reminder: this is Presidents weekend - there is no school on Monday
Will you ride the bus from EHS to location TBD 7:45am? *
Will you ride the bus HOME from Location TBD (returning at 6:30pm) *
Will you plan to arrive at Location TBD on Monday, Feb19th late or leave early?
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