colLABorate Application: DUE 12/19
In order to attend the colLABorate workshop, attendees must be accepted by the NCMATYC Board. We plan to accept around 13 attendees from each of the three regions for a total of 39 attendees. Attendees can apply for a travel grant to the workshop that will also include hotel and registration for the NCMATYC conference. Be sure to check out the NCMATYC webpage for more details about the responsibilities about being accepted to the colLABorate workshop.
March 8, 2017 at Durham Technical CC. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Would you want to be a group leader for your region? *
We will need one group leader for each region. The group leader will be communicating and working with their NCMATYC regional vice president.
Reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of NCMATYC.
NCMATYC is a powerful organization that has many strengths and weaknesses. Please share one strength and one weakness that you perceive with NCMATYC.
What is one strength of NCMATYC?
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What is one weakness of NCMATYC?
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Reflecting on Goals of the colLABorate Workshop
NCMATYC has set seven goals for the the colLABorate workshop. The next three questions involve three of the seven goals.
Provide one technique on how technology as a pedagogy tool can be used to facilitate collaborative and active learning in the classroom.
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Give one example of how you implement collaborative learning to give students the opportunity to verbally share mathematical understanding and respectfully critique arguments of others.
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Describe one contextual lab you use in your classroom to create a solid foundation that conceptual learning can be built upon.
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Building and sharing lessons.
Workshop attendees will be building and sharing a lesson that they create based on the information from the workshop.
Check all boxes that apply to how you plan on sharing your lesson.
Check what course(s) you plan to focus on implementing the information from the colLABorate workshop?
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