Library Stories From the 2018-19 Shutdown
The US federal government shutdown that began in December 2018 has had a significant impact on American communities. Public libraries, as always, have stepped up to help furloughed employees and other victims of the shutdown by providing information and access to resources and safety net programs. Libraries are also suffering from the shutdown as certain federally-funded services and grants have been put on hiatus.

Share your library's stories from the shutdown here so we can tell them now and in the future to our lawmakers and our communities. (This form was created by The Galecia Group <>; we plan to share highlighted responses in a blog post and on social media at the end of January 2019.)

Has your library served furloughed federal employees or victims of benefit interruption during this shutdown?
Has your library been affected by the shutdown due to a loss of federally-funded services or grants?
Share your stories here! (Name your library but please don't identify patrons or staff by name.)
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