El Paseo Community Garden Paid Internship for EL ABRAZO Mural - Summer 2019
APPLICATIONS DEADLINE: May 30, 2019 before Midnight

Location: El Paseo Community Garden, 944 W. 21st St. Chicago IL
Project dates: 4 weeks, June 16th - July 16th
Lead Artist Team: Diana Solis, Eric J. Garcia, Katia Perez-Fuentes
Contact: elpaseo.communitygarden@neighbor-space.org

Interviews scheduled for June 1st-2nd at the garden | Position notifications the week of June 9th

About the Mural & Summer Project
”El Abrazo” (The Embrace) public art project was initiated by the directors of El Paseo Community Garden, Paula and Antonio Acevedo who assembled the team of local Pilsen artists - Diana Solís, Eric J. Garcia, and Katia Pérez Fuentes. Five teenage apprentices were also hired to join the multi-generational mural team in the late summer of 2017. The mural explores histories and themes that are important to the surrounding community - migration, agriculture, and cultural identities. This public art project is thanks to NeighborSpace, DCASE, plus our community supporters and volunteers,.

The mural team is now looking to complete phase two of the project on the next-door building. We are looking for another set of apprentices that are ready to learn and create with us this summer. This is a paid opportunity for youth who are hard-working team players, quick learners, and passionate about arts. The highest consideration will be given to those who are located near the mural and have a desire to work within the community.

Eligibility requirements
- Submit this application and complete an interview with the mural team
- Youth 16 years or older at the time of the project
- Physically able to lift and carry material, climbing ladders, paint large surfaces, and working outside
- Be present and on time for the entire project duration, including the mural related events
- Have easy access or reliable transportation to and from the garden

Apprentice responsibilities include:
- Working with lead artists and the garden administrators to preparing the wall and surrounding area for the mural; setting-up and cleaning-up everyday; painting the mural; communicating efficiently with community members; attending the public artwork dedication and other mural related events. No previous experience with murals is required, but applicant must be willing to learn from lead artists.

- Apprenticeships require a significant time and energy commitments This is an outdoor project and time flexibility is key. Applicants should be willing to reduce or postpone other activities in order to participate in the mural process.
Ideal candidates will be available to join lead artists on any day of week between the hours of 7:30am and 6pm; work schedules will be determined after the interview process and adjusted to accommodate for weather conditions when needed.

Tell Us About Yourself!
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✩ Thank you for your interest! ✩
We will be reaching out to schedule 15-20 min interviews at the garden on Saturday and Sunday, June 1st-2nd. For questions or additional support, contact: Katia Perez Fuentes / perezkatia95@gmail.com
EL ABRAZO (phase I) at El Paseo Community Garden
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