Daybreak University Sponsorship Agreement
Daybreak University is a nonprofit institution established with the approval of the California State Office of Education as a Graduate School of Counseling Psychology.
The finances of non-profit corporations are operated by tuition and donations.  Daybreak University operation and development benefits from the generosity and foresight of its sponsoring partners. The work of the institution – that provides rigorous education that inspires spiritual healing and transformational change through professional research, academic and practical excellence with a compassionate heart - would not be possible without the consistent commitment and thoughtful support of sponsoring partners that are committed to help build and grow the University.  
We ask that you join us and become a sponsoring partner to support Daybreak University's mission and education advancement programs. Sponsorship is available to anyone who supports the purpose and direction of the institution and wants to make a gift to support an international graduate school of tomorrow’s leaders in couples and family counseling. Faculty members, current students, alumni, alumni families, and anyone interested in the vision and development of Daybreak University can plan to give a significant gift. You can give in the name of an individual, group, or business, and we will issue a receipt for your donation, and you can receive tax benefits for sponsoring for non-profit organizations according to the Income Tax Act.
Also, if one person donates $15,000, you can become the Sponsoring Director of Daybreak University. The donation amount of $15,000 is available as a lump-sum payment, or you can donate regularly at the amount of $300 per month or $500 per month during the period of 3 to 5 years. We appreciate you or someone you know for considering making a gift to Daybreak University. There are multiply giving options for you to explore. Gifts of any size helps to advance the Universities mission. You can make a one-time payment, lump-sum payment or monthly contributions. You can select the amount, time, and number of times you want to file your tax return every month, several months, or annually, depending on your circumstances and circumstances.
Your generous donations are used for the development of Daybreak University as well as financial support for students studying in economical difficult circumstances. In addition to offering free counseling services at the Counseling Center affiliated with Daybreak University, for individual/couple/family relationships. By your donation using the most convenient method among the remittance methods below, you can support the precious wishes of the supporters, build up a shaky family, restore a strong marital relationship, raise children, and heal parent-child relationships. Your generosity will make the difference in Daybreak’s growth and development. Every gift is used efficiently and effectively for nurturing experts in family therapy, couples and sex counseling.

1. Zelle  
Daybreak University Zelle Account

2. Checks should be mailed to:
Payable to: Daybreak University
1152 Gallemore Lane, Fullerton CA 92833

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