Chief Innovation Officer Program - 2019 Application
Hello! This is the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) 2019-20 Program application...

You are here because you must be a teacher or educator leader who wants to help transform education into a creative, collaborative, and critical thinking experience for teachers and students.

The Chief Innovation Officer program is open to educators in the United States, with at least 5 years of teaching experience and who aspire to a leadership position within a school district or independent school. The CIO program is designed to provide individuals with the training and background to lead the planning, design, and implementation of innovative educational practices that enhance teaching and learning.

The CIO Program cost is $2,200 per participant. Once you have been accepted to the program, we will send you information for billing and optional payment plans.

The Chief Innovation Officer Program is a 7-month program, which starts on Friday August 9, 2019 and finishes with graduation in March 2019. Program candidates will attend class in person once a month at the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College. The monthly sessions will take place on Friday evenings (6pm - 9:00pm) and all day (9am-3pm) Saturdays. This schedule is designed to facilitate attendance by working educators. Between each face to face session, you will be required to complete coursework, which includes threaded discussions, blog posts, and assignments related to the course content. Attendance at each face to face session and participation in the online community are an essential part of the program.

If you know why you're here, by all means, don't let this message stand in the way, get on with your application!

There are a series of open-ended questions that require you to write your response in 150 words or less. We recommend working on your answers where you can easily count the words, and then pasting your responses into this online form before submitting. Because there is no "easy" way to save a partially completed form, you should be ready to answer all questions when you start this application process.

When you're ready with your prepared responses, come back here. Remember to also get your principal to complete their letter of recommendation for you (email to

Your application AND a support letter from a school/district administrator are due by
May 15, 2019, 11:59 P.M.

If you have questions about the application, send an email to

Lisa DeLapo
CIO Program Director
Krause Center for Innovation

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