Smart Mobility and Accessibility for Barrier Free Access (SmartBFA)
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About SmartBFA
SmartBFA aims to find barrier-free access (BFA) routes for Singaporeans through crowdsourced sensor data. There are two phases in SmartBFA:

Phase I: Devices will be retrofitted on wheelchair participants, to automatically collect data on path accessibility (e.g., bumps, obstacles, slopes, etc).
Phase II: Sensor data collected from wheelchair participants will be used to create a map for barrier-free access in Singapore.

Read more about us here:

Through SmartBFA, we hope to build a more inclusive society in Singapore! :)

Be a SmartBFA Participant!
You can help us make Singapore a more inclusive society, by participating in the SmartBFA project. We will retrofit a sensor device on your wheelchair for a period of two (2) months, to automatically collect data on path accessibility (e.g., bumps, obstacles, slopes, etc). The sensor data will be anonymized and aggregated, for analysis on the "wheelchair-friendliness" of the path.

Besides contributing your (sensor) data to make Singapore a more inclusive society, we will be reimbursing you with a small token for every week of data collection.

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I have questions, who can I contact?
You can contact us at for any further queries, and we will get back to you shortly!

The SmartBFA project is led by Trampolene ( and Singapore Management University ( with support by the Tote Board – Enabling Lives Initiative (TB-ELI).

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