Sign-on to the "The Constitution Pipeline" ad

Dear President Obama,
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commision (FERC),
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Governor Cuomo-

By now the whole world knows that Fracking is bad for your health! It is bad for communities and it is bad for the climate. That is why I am so glad that New York State and Governor Andrew Cuomo banned fracking.

But now we are facing the gas industry who are still trying to Frack New York. The fracked gas industry wants to build a pipeline that would cut across New York state like a scar that never heals. It goes by the ridiculous and Orwellian name “The Constitution Pipeline”. How dare they!

We cannot allow another poisonous plan for our beautiful state that we all love.

We must stop fracking, which means we must not transport fracked gas across our state where it is headed for foreign export markets. The danger to our homes, is also the danger to the rest of the world, as we continue to harm the climate. The world is watching us.

President Obama, you have two beautiful daughters. Do you want their health, environment and futures to be irreversibly destroyed by fracking, like the suffering children of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio?

We say no! We won’t have our loved ones and communities suffer in this way.

We say yes to renewable energy and to a positive future.

Please find out more about the “Constitution Pipeline” by visiting:


Yoko Ono

Co-signers: Josh Fox, Stop the Pipeline, Compressor Free Franklin, Ommegang Brewery,
Otsego 2000, Friends of Otsego, Sustainable Otsego, Mohawk Valley Keepers, Sane
Energy Project, The Mothers Project, Goldman Prize winner Hellen Slottje, Frack Action, Solutions Grassroots, Food and Water Watch

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